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3 Ways to Separate Yourself From the Competition With Professional Design


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Want to stand out from your competitors but don't know how it's done?

Professional design -- whether it's your website, brochures, or product packaging -- design will help separate you from the crowd and elevate your brand in the minds of consumers. It's the easiest way to gain an instant, noticeable boost in how people see you.

Let's take a look at a few ways to use professional design to beat the competition.

No. 1 Quality

Take a highly successful company like Apple, for instance. Say what you want about them today, but there's no denying that their early products -- the ones that propelled them to the top -- were not only innovative but of the highest quality. They were well-constructed and used strong materials.

And above all else, they simply worked. One of the Mac's main selling points has been its absence of viruses and malware like those that plague PCs.

You don't have to be Steve Jobs to apply this fundamental, and it's not just about your products. Simply using quality paper and images for your brochures can make all the difference. It not only draws more attention, but it conveys a stronger message to the people reading it.

No. 2 Branding

Even when other companies offered mp3 players with more features for a lower price, the iPod's brand recognition allowed it to remain on top. The sleek design, the trademark white color scheme, the iconic Apple logo - these all worked to separate it from the competition and even command more money.

When you send an existing or potential client business papers, think about how your brand comes across. Are your business documents appealing to the eye? Do they deliver a message of professionalism and trustworthiness? Is your logo memorable and saying something positive about your brand?

Professional design doesn't just make things look good -- it puts your business in the best light and helps it stand out from the competition. It defines your brand and makes you unique in a sea of advertisements. And it will also help you target your audience more effectively.

No. 3 Trust

The most successful business is one consumers trust. If your company is not already big enough to convey trust through pure size and name recognition, you'll have to use your image and marketing to set the proper standards and expectations.

When someone looks at your website, what do they see? If your site is overly simple, poorly designed, and not properly optimized, what kind of message do you think that sends?

Not a good one, you can bet that much. Even something as simple as professional graphics, displayed security certificates, and easy to find contact information will go a long way in converting site visitors.

People want to know that you're not going to disappear after they buy something.

Separate Yourself

If you're not happy with how your business, product, or service is performing, don't wait another minute to take action. The competition already has a head start. But the sooner you make the necessary changes, the sooner you'll be getting more buzz, more sales, and building a stronger reputation.

Paula Speights is a self-proclaimed design geek and total Disney fangirl. By day she's a design whisperer & visual hype man that caters to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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