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‘It just makes absolutely no sense’

Yep, this plan is making people go, ‘What?’

JUST as we were getting used to security measures being beefed up at airports around the world comes news that has us scratching our heads.

I mean, we already have to bin our water bottles, limit our perfume and moisturisers to small bottles, take off our shoes and belts, and walk through hi-tech body scanners.

So what do authorities want to do next, what strict measure could they possibly want to introduce? Will they take away our carry-on bags completely?

No. The latest proposal put forward by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to the US Congress involves something called “reverse screening”, reports. And it’s bizarre.

Under the cost-cutting plan, passengers at some airports would be screened for weapons after they land at their destination. Yep, you read that right. Passengers could take whatever they want on-board the plane, and items would only be discovered and confiscated at the end of the trip.

Security would be stripped back at some airports.

Security would be stripped back at some airports.

While supporters argue the threat is minimal at smaller airports and airport security isn’t needed everywhere, members of Congress were shocked and are hoping to quietly quash the program.

“From a security standpoint, it makes no sense,” said Oregon politician Greg Walden.

The reaction on social media has also been scathing, with some pointing out the already lacking methods of the TSA, including an investigation last year that found they failed to detect 95 per cent of explosives and weapons (they were fake, for testing purposes).

Few details about the proposal have been made public by the TSA and it has declined to comment to Politico on how many airports would be affected, but there’s speculation it could be as many as 22. has contacted the TSA for comment.

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