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The Extreme Future of Medicine: From Prevention to Longevity

Recently I was in NY City giving a presentation at the Tribeca Film Festival's Hatchery Innovation Day sponsored by Bloomberg Charities. The Innovation Day was a summit of leading innovators on virtual reality, AI, coding futures and of course the future of medicine.

Richard Branson the founder of Virgin was featured for a film about his passion for ballooning and his zest for meeting life's challenges. It was quite the day and a tribute to NY. It was an honor to be invited and share my visions for the future of medicine and tech innovation.

As I do many keynote presentations around the world, I try to make each one a special event and I customize each talk to bring a fresh understanding of the topic to the audience. It is my personal way of engaging, enlightening and empowering my audiences.

This presentation was on the future of medicine. No one is ready for the radical changes that are coming fast. Medicine is being transformed by radical technologies that will offer a new era of prevention, prediction and longevity. I explored how the future medicine might evolve. How digital health, mobile, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, genetics, nanotech, neuroscience, synthetic biology and smart drugs will offer health and human performance enhancement. It's a whole new reality emerging that will alter civilization as we know it.

I explained the key drivers of medicine--population increase, the need for distributed care, the power of early detection, the fusion of genomics and health, and the impact of Moore's Law on health tech. I also challenged the audience to become Game-Changers of the Future so they may help lead the changes in medicine that will bring innovation closer to help humanity get healthy.

The key paradigm shift in medicine, what will change the entire way medicine is understood is when Prediction-as-a Platform becomes the first stage in preventing disease, empowering millions to live longer and healthier. Stopping disease before it becomes disease.

The next paradigm shift will be in longevity. This will be led by the innovations that enable longer and healthier living by understanding where disease starts at the genomic and atomic levels. And health enhancement will be possible. The use of drugs, devices and processes, like Big Data that will enable radical new capabilities, analytics that give us insights.

Artificial intelligence that enables better decisions and enhancements brought by cognitive cloud computing--Virtual Doctors online. Smarter cognitive capabilities that could defeat age-related diseases are coming--hopefully sooner to keep pace with the aging boomers. We are trying to outrace aging with fast science to protect, refresh and enhance our brains. Cognitive dysfunction will be an epidemic in twenty five years unless we accelerate innovation in cogno-pharma, smart drugs that enhance our mental fitness. AI on a chip will merge with humans to enhance health. Total recall anyone?

If you want to dive deeper into the trends that will drive the future of medicine consider CRISPr the gene editing software and the 3D printing of organs and bones on demand. The collision of complex bimolecular modeling, synthetic organs, neural enhancement and nano devices are coming. What's in the lab today is in the market tomorrow. We will rebuild and enhance our minds and bodies, I call this evolutionary design. This is the Extreme Future of medicine coming faster then anyone truly realizes.

Are you Future Ready for what's coming next in medicine? Extreme future scenarios--from the rebuilding of minds to tissue generation and gene editing will transform our health and our civilization.

Will the Enhancers who live with practical almost-immortality have also the political power? Will human and health enhancement be the future of personal health. I say yes. Stay tuned.

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