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NZ man who had daughter as sex slave freed


A man who kept his daughter as a sex slave for more than 20 years is set to leave prison, despite fears he may reoffend.

Ronald Van Der Plaat, now 82, is scheduled to be release from prison and back into his Auckland home on Wednesday, following a parole board decision earlier in the year.

The Dutch-born man was originally sentenced to 15 years and 10 months in jail for the 23-year-long sexual abuse of his daughter when she was aged between nine and 32 and they lived in Vanuatu and Auckland.

The conditions of Van der Plaat's release include having to wear a GPS bracelet and a ban on nearing or entering any place where children under 16 may gather.

That includes children's parks, schools, kindergartens, beaches, childcare centres, or libraries.

Van Der Plaat was released in 2010, but sent back to jail after being seen holding hands with a girl of about five years old in Auckland.

The parole board had to release Van der Plaat because he was sentenced before compulsory detention rules came into force and has served his full sentence.

That's despite the fact the board believed he had a medium to high risk of reoffending and he still continued to deny his crimes.

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